In accordance with CDC and Florida Department of Health guidelines
we are using Webex video conferencing which is a HIPPAA compliant telehealth system to provide video/phone for appointments.

We are accepting in person and WebEx appointments.
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Haydon-Davis Counseling, Inc. offers individual, couples and family therapy. Our approach is client centered and collaborative in nature. Our goal is to provide the highest quality services in a supportive and confidential setting.

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About Therapy

The benefits of therapy have been clearly documented through hundreds of well designed research studies. During therapy, people are offered the opportunity to talk things out until their unwanted feelings are relieved, problems solved or their relationships have improved. They may gain life skills, reach personal goals, improve self awareness and better identify their values which in turn creates balance and comfort. People can therefore enjoy more fulfillment from their personal relationships, employment or education which then enhances life contentment.

As with any treatment, there are some risks in the therapeutic process. For example, people may, at times, have uncomfortable emotions or negative feelings. They may be asked to think or act in ways that are not natural for them. Ultimately, meeting and overcoming risks builds self confidence, reduces anxiety and strengthens a person's ability to manage future life challenges. However, it should be noted that therapy is not an exact science. It is dependent upon a person's participation in the process, so no guarantees are stated or implied regarding actual outcome of treatment.

About Haydon-Davis
About Haydon-Davis

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